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UPDATE! – Watch NBA Finals 2017 Game 4 Live Stream Free Online – ABC

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Watch NBA Finals 2017 Game 4 Live Stream Free Online GSW vs CAVS - ABC

Schedule of NBA FINAL 2017

Game 1: Golden State 113 Cleveland 91

Game 2: Cleveland @ Golden State SUNDAY, JUNE 4

Game 3: Golden State @ Cleveland WEDNESDAY, JUNE 7

Game 4: Golden State @ Cleveland FRIDAY, JUNE 9

Game 5: Cleveland @ Golden State MONDAY, JUNE 12

Game 6: Golden State @ Cleveland THURSDAY, JUNE 15

Game 7: Cleveland @ Golden State SUNDAY, JUNE 18

Read here some of the comments from poeple i know who watch the final nba  2017

We all know Warriors will win the title. Probably will for the next few years too. All I can say is I actually feel sorry for KD and the warriors. How good can an accomplishment feel when it takes no effort to get? The rings will mean nothing and they will single handedly remove the reasons they play the game in the first place. Sacrificing adversity and competition for quick easy titles/rings will destroy the league and the players themselves. Ever play a video game and turn on God Mode? Its fun for a short while, but then the game gets boring and the accomplishments mean nothing. Even Jordan and Bulls faced adversity and were down in playoff games/series and what was exciting was them coming back against all odds. Bulls were favored, but their ring was rarely a certainty every season. The NBA is a bandwagon sport of superteam building now. Bandwagon super stars and fans that turn tail and run at the first sign of competition and adopt an if you cant beat em.. join em mentality. So sad. Im neither a warrors nor a cavs fan. At this point I kinda dont want to be an NBA fan at all.

The same hypocrites who are desperately seeking attention for Lebron by saying respect greatness are the same who are bashing KD… KD play exceptional last night, the problem was that he was playing that great in OKC but his supporting cast did not reward him when he was on top of his A game… Lebron got Kyrie and Love and still is seeking for high profile players like he did in Miami so when he play a good game his supporting cast does not erase his performance…. Now finally KD has what he need to shine like Lebron did in South Beach yup he is ready to be crown as the new King… Lebron did in Miami and ppl were calling us HATERS!!!

The Cavs have nothing to be ashamed of, if they lose big deal, they lost to the most stacked team in NBA history, and all it proves is the Warriors needed to add a 4th super star to their 73-9 team just to beat LeBron, and if they win, then the Warriors are the biggest joke in NBA history. The only team that needs to win this series is the Warriors, they are the ones that had the best regular season record and still couldn’t get it done with three all star future hall of famers, they are the ones that had to add a second top 5 player to their already stacked team that just won 73 games the previous year. Win or Lose the Warriors are pathetic. And they still had to injure a player just to win their previous round.

I’ve always been a durant supporter great athlete and humble person, he’s not like lebron who has had incidents of him quitting on the team. Durant is passionate and I think the reason why durant left okc. It was kind of like this. Durant and westbrooks personalitys just didn’t mix. I kinda compare it to tupac and snoop. Tupac was more aggressive and always wanted to hog the spotlight. But snoop was always laid back. Westbrook was tupac. And durant was snoop.