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UPDATE! – Watch NBA Finals 2017 Game 5 Live Stream Free Online – ABC

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Watch NBA Finals 2017 Game 5 Live Stream Free Online  GSW vs CAVS - ABC

Schedule of NBA FINAL 2017

Game 1: Golden State 113 Cleveland 91

Game 2: Cleveland @ Golden State SUNDAY, JUNE 4

Game 3: Golden State @ Cleveland WEDNESDAY, JUNE 7

Game 4: Golden State @ Cleveland FRIDAY, JUNE 9

Game 5: Cleveland @ Golden State MONDAY, JUNE 12

Game 6: Golden State @ Cleveland THURSDAY, JUNE 15

Game 7: Cleveland @ Golden State SUNDAY, JUNE 18

Reviews of previous game

Last time i checked, cavs blew out the raptors and celtics and lebron james is the “best in the world”Talent wise, these team match up very very well. Warriors just play the right way.And james is to blame.
He said he has a huge mind. High basketball IQ. Yes he got what he want. The playmakers. Quality players. But he forgot to bring defensive people. And he is not the best player in the world

In my opinion, I always thought KD was elite he just was never recognized because he hadn’t won any rings yet. No matter if people like his decision to go to The Bay or not, he has unquestionable and undeniable talent. He’s been a phenomenal ball player for years now. I’m just glad that he’s now getting the recognition for it on the big stage.

For all newbies dont include mj to those guy because mj a supreme player.unique… Once in our lifetime to see this player….all i can suggest win 3straight rings then retire in one year..then back to the game and won 3 another ring have my two hands up….but if not..i rather watch slam dunk than this nba finals.

Jordan and Shaquille didnt take the easy route… They didnt change to the team that kicked their 3-1 lead in playoff.. thats the difference between Jordan and Shaquille with the Durant .. also… He had a turnover… Remember when he stepped on the outside line but the ref didnt call it?? No, then u didnt watch the game.

KD will have his ring and he deserves it coz he earned it by helping his team win. From a jugged flash of light that he was before noe he is a hot blooded true warriors. As a warrior he rightfully earned his championship ring. His presence together with curry, klay and green make the gsw hard to beat. Anticipating for a 16-0 run.

The strength of the Warriors is ball movement and 3 point shooting, if that doesnt work they pretty much screwed in offense. Curry is a great scorer but he is easy to guard when he struggles in shooting since he lacks athleticism to finish around the rim. KD gives them a go to scorer when their offensive system aint working. Lebron needs to guard Durant full time but the problem is it will take too much on energy meanwhile Warriors have guys like Iggy and Klay that can defend Kyrie and Lebron that will let Durant and Curry do their thing on the offensive end. Cavs doesnt have a good defensive player except Shumpert who is liability on offense, got like 3 open looks that GSW gave him and he missed it… what difference KD makes, but well its only game 1, who knows what Lebron and Kyrie will do next game.