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UPDATE! – Watch NBA Finals 2017 Game 6 Live Stream Free Online – ABC

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Watch NBA Finals 2017 Game 6 Live Stream Free Online  GSW vs CAVS - ABC

Schedule of NBA FINAL 2017

Game 1: Golden State 113 Cleveland 91

Game 2: Cleveland @ Golden State SUNDAY, JUNE 4

Game 3: Golden State @ Cleveland WEDNESDAY, JUNE 7

Game 4: Golden State @ Cleveland FRIDAY, JUNE 9

Game 5: Cleveland @ Golden State MONDAY, JUNE 12

Game 6: Golden State @ Cleveland THURSDAY, JUNE 15

Game 7: Cleveland @ Golden State SUNDAY, JUNE 18

Reviews of previous game

LeBron has 3 rings Kevin Durant has none and he went to a team that won 73 games so if he doesn’t win with the deck stacked what will his legacy look like the pressure is on him

Theregoes Fantta since when did being real mean it’s hating. He dominates in the east only in the east cause he’s signed all the talent and still has the nerve to say there’s no playmaker. Like mother fucker you are the playmaker. There’s no denying cavs at this point are better without him. Cavs offense is all through Lebron; stop him cavs fall a part and Irving has to play harder. Without Lebron the offense balances out and makes them harder to beat. Shooting wise they are deep and can spread the floor. Irving is the true leader of that team.

Just a true fan of the sport and I’m old enough to see the league drastically change and not in a good way. Bending rules for players like Lebron as much as they do is altering outcomes of games. Yes Jordan got away with things to but at same time he’d be called for traveling or carrying or goaltending or pushing off. They’d even give you techs for over selling fouls or to get a foul call. With all the crying he does he would have so many techs. Lol crying was not allowed in the old league.

Gsw is a super team? how about the cavs? LB love and kyrie? we need to accept that every player has an ambition, KD and Lebron sacrifices many years of their career like lebron, after how many years he went to miami he realized he cant do it by himself, so same with KD, common guys we should not be selfish, respect KD, and he is doing his best in GS right now , same with lebron in miami, they both become the 1st offensive option and leading scorer in ther teams.. lets just enjoy the game:-)

The pressure is on Durant. If he loses this series he is once again a failure and proved that he will not win a chip even going to a proven contender team. With him going to the Warriors he have left a huge stain to his legacy that is almost impossible to remove unless he does a LeBron like move (where he goes back to OKC or go to a team that had never won a title). The Cavs on the other hand especially LeBron right now are only collecting as many titles as they can before he hangs it up for good. He already proved that his reunion with the Cavs was not for nothing by leading them to a title. Also, the cavs has taken the risk of spending money than they should have because their rival has made a major upgrade. Since they can’t afford to sign another big superstar like Durant they make it up for experienced role players but despite that they are still not the best team.

So doesn’t matter how many wins a team has. Wtf did you expect him to go to the nets. Like you never left a job for a better job. Get out here. Gsw was missing a player like him anyway. What Lebron did was dirty. Pretty much called them garbage waited to sign with heat after bosh and company committed. TBH heat could’ve won without him. It’s unfortunate bosh can’t play anymore or they’d be up there. Kd other option was Boston and as a Celtics fan not a good fit. Okc wasn’t making good choices. Westbrook and kd was not a good fit for stats yes but not to win and that was obvious.