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UPDATE! – Watch NBA Finals 2017 Game 7 Live Stream Free Online – ABC

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Watch NBA Finals 2017 Game 7 Live Stream Free Online GSW vs CAVS - ABC

Schedule of NBA FINAL 2017

Game 1: Golden State 113 Cleveland 91

Game 2: Cleveland @ Golden State SUNDAY, JUNE 4

Game 3: Golden State @ Cleveland WEDNESDAY, JUNE 7

Game 4: Golden State @ Cleveland FRIDAY, JUNE 9

Game 5: Cleveland @ Golden State MONDAY, JUNE 12

Game 6: Golden State @ Cleveland THURSDAY, JUNE 15

Game 7: Cleveland @ Golden State SUNDAY, JUNE 18

Reviews of previous game

Kevin Durant had an excellent game, really came out his shell game one and that’s terrifying for my Cavs. We lost not only because of turnovers, but because literally no one even tried to guard kd. Double team kd and leave klay or zaza somewhat open on the transitional defense, idk, but it has to be addressed. Respect to Kevin Durant even though him leaving was very snake like to some people, including myself at one point, but he deserves a second chance just as LeBron did, just as Shaq did just as Allen does. This may be the second greatest small forward to ever play basketball.

Just continue what you were doin. This haters wont understand the true meaning of basketball. Its just you had a very good players at your team and they didnt notice what a team was. They just want you to pull you down instead to cheer you up because they are haters not a fan of yours. Goodluck to the finals kd

I used to like Durant before he joined GS. Had he joined the Celtics, the respect still would’ve been there. But I understand why he wouldn’t join an eastern conference team…because he knew that w/ LeBron still in the east, he was never going to another NBA Finals again

lay Curry Draymond. GSW core was not a superteam before Durant. None of them were hyped rising prospects none were even top draft picks. Super teams are defined by the reputation individuals have before CHOOSING to join together. They were together by pure luck and went against all odds, then KD came.

Alot of you take this way to personally. Who cares if KD left i dont see how it affects you on a personal level. Besides if he never left okc doubt he wouldve got a ring and wouldve ended up being like A.I..a great player without a ring

Just a hypothetical question: IF Durant play for the Heats AND LeBron play for the Thunders in the 2012 Finals, would the Heats still win? NO disrespect LeBron but Heats still would had win but maybe in 6 games (not 5 games as the result)! Your thought?

Well its just a common sense to “show himself”in the finals because its a great embarrassment if he dont oh btw whether GSW win or not we never forget the 3-1 blow out last year and the last one it will be the greatest shame on the side of this bandwagoner guy if GSW lose

And most them saying sort of words without wisdom you guys think basketball is a one man game,then what’s the need of the other team mate without that you’re nothing on that court

Everyone saying he couldnt do this with okc and he needed a super team…..what do you think leflop james did? Build a super team because before that he couldn’t get a ring. Not a warriors fan but im more if a warriors fan than a leflop fan lol and yeah kd is only the second best player to james