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The Nice Guys Movie Review

The Nice Guys is a story of two private detectives who are looking for a girl named Amelia who in some weird way is involved with the death of a porn star, who in some weird way is involved with the death of someone else, who in some weird ways involve with the death of someone else and it’s 1977.

Basically, the movie is these two guys getting to know each other. Russell Crowe plays a tough guy, he’s the kind of guy you hired to maybe beat somebody up who’s following you, he’s not actually a private detective but he kind of wishes he was. He fancies himself a P.I. Ryan Gosling, actually is. The funny thing is, Russell Crowe’s character is probably better at his job even though he’s not officially licensed.

This movie is a fresh offbeat, unconventional, original, witty comedy with two actors at the top of their game. Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling in this film work magic together. These guys have amazing chemistry and not just because they’re funny and they play off each other well, but also because these characters feel at home with each other. And yes! That is the classic buddy cop genre thing. You pair Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan, or Mel Gibson and Danny Glover. The difference here with these characters is that they’re not actually that opposing. they both have troubled pasts, they both have issues with alcohol, they’re very similar in a lot of ways, they don’t highly contrast one another. It’s the fact that they work together so well as a comedy team playing off of each other.

The action also great really great shoot out sold 1980s style action film-making despite the fact that it takes place in the 70s which is perfectly realize.