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Patterson is a story of an ordinary man who lives an ordinary life. He goes about his business. The film is very routine. It shows every day of the week, it shows him wake up with his beautiful wife, they have breakfast, they talk, he goes to work and he writes some poetry down in his notebook because he’s also an aspiring poet. So the film is very much so about the everyday man and what he might go through in his life and there’s really nothing else to it. It’s completely free of any real drama, there’s no big action scene, there’s not a bomb on his bus if he goes under miles an hour.

This film is just about an everyday guy who goes to work, he writes poetry, he has a great relationship with his wife, he has a not-so-great relationship with his dog, he goes to the bar every night and talks to the bartender and he does the same thing the very next day.

This film is such a deterrent from everything else that we’re used to seeing in films. It’s just a film about a guy who goes to work and writes poetry and he talks to people and they have very real and hilariously funny conversations. And that’s something about Patterson.