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Some Comments that I have with Power Rangers 2017

This movie Power Rangers 2017 involves the controversy of an African-American playing the Black Ranger. Walter Jones was originally cast to play Billy, the Blue Ranger but felt that Zach fit his personality and convinced Saban to let him switch to being the Black Ranger. So having RJ Cyler play Billy in this movie is also a nod to the series that we almost had.

also One of my biggest questions is with Tommy being the best and favorite ranger amongst fans, im curious to know if they are going to go the same route with casting a lesser known actor. Or since Tommy is such an important character i wonder if the writers/directors/producers feel they need to name a better known actor

I will see this movie no matter what because MMPR was a big part of my childhood. Having said that, I was skeptical about it’s quality when it was first announced. But then behind the camera talent information started to come about and I was a little more at ease with Isrealite, Stentz, and Miller. Now that I see that there is a veritable who’s who of top notch talent behind the camera working on this, I am beyond excited

Power Rangers (2017 Movie) Official Teaser Trailer – ‘Discover The Power’