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Watch Resident Evil The Final Chapter 2017 HD Online – VF

I know red shirt right it’s a lot of red, the red is the color of anger the good news it’s over now so there that is president evil the final chapter.
So Resident Evil the final chapter or the poster calls it true is the supposed final chapter in the Resident Evil movie franchise which is great news because now they can reboot it in a completely justified reboot in which case they can actually follow the story from the games that it might actually be good at it just play the games let the movies die point is now. Alice is back just do stuff and stop umbrella again I say it like that because for a large chunk of this movie I was sitting there like why is anything happening right if the movie is self-aware the fact the audience really doesn’t know why any of this is happening because they fill in the audience like eight by the way here’s what’s happened this is what happened before.
Now here’s where we are and even what happened before isn’t actually in line with what happened before from what I remember I say from what I remember in my disclaimer the fact that I’ve seen the Resident Evil movies once in theaters each so I might be remembering it wrong but from what I can recall in the second Resident Evil movie Jerrod Harris’s character was the one who created the t-virus and the Red Queen which was the AI robot in the hive was modeled after his daughter. This one it tells us a completely different guy who made the t-virus and that guy’s daughter is what the Red Queen is modeled after was really confusing if they’re a Resident Evil movie fans out there who completely just watch these movies all the time and knows the Lord please.

Clear it up for me because I’m trying to remember a movie that I saw like 13 years ago once the movie it’s just a series of action sequences it’s like alright action sequence and Ellis is knocked out now she’s in a completely different scenario and then action sequence you guys knocked out again now she’s in a completely different scenario. This is how you transport people in movies I guess you just knock them out another somewhere else and this goes on for like two-thirds of the movie I always bored out of my mind as I was watching this movie reflecting back to the Transformers movies that I really loved like Transformers Revenge of the Fallen and the fourth one.
I can’t what’s it called anyhow those are the two Transformers movies I consider the worst and I was just like at least they attempted to have a story this is just action nonsense. Just on the for the sake of wool people like that right problem is we live in this technological Wonderland where we have something called the Internet where if we just want to watch an action sequence we can watch one on YouTube we use YouTube action sequence for shits and giggles boom.