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Short Movie Review

The Reverent looks to be everything great a movie is supposed to be. Action, Drama & History all displayed through a cinematic vision that is incredibly believable and just intense enough to keep you interested from start to finish. The same story is often told in film over the decades and who can blame film makers from re-making a good story – as long as they do it well. The whole film had a gritty reality seen in such films as The Long Riders and Heaven’s Gate.

Throw Leonardo Dicapprio into the mix and have him portray a character you empathize with and you’ve got what could quite possibly turn out as best movie of the year. The most heart felt part of the movie was when Hugh was almost died and his son Hawk would whisper in his ear and let him know that he was there and would not leave him. It was hard to watch Hawk being killed and his father was helpless to help him. In the end I wished they had shown the vision of Hawk with his beloved mother. In the end love trumps.