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Short Movie Review

The movie actually is fairly well directed. There are some effective sequences in rings and this is not an incompetent movie. The horrifically dumb plane scene that we all saw in the trailer, gratefully is over within the first few minutes of the movie, so we don’t really have to deal with that. And it kind of fades out in the memory but it does feel really silly when you’re watching it.

Where the other films felt very primal and kind of vicious, this movie has a bit of a science fiction edge to it when a college professor finds this tape, he decides to run all these experiments and he quickly discovers what the whole mystery of the tape is and what you have to do.

If you have seen the ring films, then you know what they have to do to sort of make it okay. The way they do it in this movie, is so hilarious. This movie isn’t as bad as say Incarnate or The Bye Bye Man, it’s actually better than the American, The Ring 2. And despite some really silly plot lines and some iffy acting, this movie is okay at best.