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All About The Movie

Sausage party, even though they are hot dogs, is a rated R animated raunchy comedy from the director of Madagascar 3, Shrek 2, and Monster vs. Aliens combine with the visionary filmmaker behind a shit ton of Thomas the Tank Engine.

This movie tells the story of a bunch of food. All these characters live in a supermarket, you got hot dogs, you got buns, you have tacos, ketchup, mustard, lettuce, you get it all of this food resides and lives at a supermarket. And they are under the belief system that human beings are gods and when you are chosen and placed in that shopping cart, you are going to heaven, a place that’s magical. But as we know, that’s not quite how it goes down and their entire belief system crumbles. And when one character learns this, he feels very compelled to warn all of his friends of this.

This movie is extremely satirical, it isn’t so much the laugh riot that the trailers are making it out to be. This is far more of a satirical look at our world. Belief in God, politics, warring countries that are portrayed as various food stuffs. Yes, this is a little bit more of a brainy film.

The concept of this movie is great. It definitely pokes fun at Disney movies, showing something that we’re used to as people, and their secret life that it has which is a common thing in Disney films and this movie definitely takes that.