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Silent Retreat (2016) FULL MOVIE Review

Many times these “passion” projects don’t work. A 30 years gestation period may cause the director to lose his objectivity and not see the forest for the trees. This might have been great once upon a time, and Scorcese is a great director but I don’t have high hopes for it. Reminds me of “The Mission”.

I read the book, so I am excited to see this. If I had not read the book then I would probably care less about it. The book centers around Rodrigues the whole time, so it is not surprising that he seen as a savior type character.

Listen to your doubts. This film might respectfully portray religion, but I’m not sure. It’s been hours since I’ve seen it, and I still can’t figure out what Scorcesse was trying to say. I would like to think that the more respectful parts were not just put in there to avoid offending religious sensibilities too much, but if they were, it would help explain why the movie felt like a series of random observations about faith. Or maybe the film can be explained as Scorcesse working through his own conflictedness. I hope that’s it, because this film is a thirty year Martin Scorcesse passion project, and I want there to be some rhyme and reason.

The reviewer found it ‘frustrating’ because we as a modern audience have been accustomed to a more ‘user friendly’ three act structure; where problems-conflicts-resolutions are structured in such an expected way that we are accustomed to it. Silence offers no such thing and we’re talking about Scorsese’s passionate project for three decades here so I’m sure he’s not aimed to please the general audience thats looking for your typical enlightenment, redemption run on of the mill hollywood type of stories.

The point of silence is (which the reviewer missed) the exact nature of suffering in Judaism/Christianity beliefs. If Christ can suffer surely all Christians can too? but in the end father Rodrigues is only a human being and the struggles and sufferings he endures through may not be enough and if that’s not enough to live up to Christians expectations, is it good enough?

We as an audience have to suffer what he’s suffering as well and that is the point. The prolonged sufferings and doubts father Rodrigues is experiencing surely bear a fruit like Christ did? but what if it doesn’t pan out that way?

Silence offers no straight answers but multitudes of hard questions about faith, beliefs, redemptions, expectations, etc.

I think it’s one of the best film that deals with religion in an artistic way that pulls no punches.

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