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Smurf The Lost Village 201

The Smurfs in full 3D?! Cutting edge technology finally used to its full potential. It’s about time! It’s so in and hip.I wished they used this song in Tropic Thunder and put Tom Cruise in a fat suit. Imagine that? It’s a good thing they didn’t or else I’d think about it immediately and it wouldn’t work as well for the Smurfs. At least it’s timely and cool with its hip hop stylings.

Now you know we are all gonna go out and rent this, fake like it is “for the kiddies” (even if you don’t have kids), and go home, pull the drapes, take the phone off the hook, dim the lights, and watch it while we are all dancing around the living room singing Smurfee songs between mouthfulls of Gobstopper candies, and wondering what the female Smurfs would look like topless, and all sorts of things like that, but we won’t tell our friends (who are home doing the same thing that same night!).

A smurf is a smurf…Not too much flexibility by way of redesign…aaanywhoo…this looks fine. As long as they don’t start trying to make smurfs anatomically correct I’m cool,imagine Smurfette with breasts…yeah…super weird.
But picturing Joe Manganiello dotted up, doing Mo-Cap, talking about how “smurfy” things are is fairly humorous.