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Movie Review

Snatched is directed by Jonathan Levine and it stars Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn. The premise of this movie, Amy Schumer’s character, she’s in relationship with her boyfriend who was played by Randall Park and if you watch Fresh Off The Boat, he’s the male lead on that show. So they plan on going to this trip to South America. While on the whole right before they have to go he’s like look into indifferent directions and he breaks up with her and of course it’s heartbreaking. But the trip, a plot device is none refundable so she has to find somebody to go with her and she ends up taking Goldie Hawn who is her mom in the movie.

The most scene were you could not stop laughing about this movie was about any of the side characters, specifically Christopher Meloni plays a character in the movie. Every time he open his mouth, anytime he was on screen, you will be cracking up.

The main issue with this movie was that Amy Schumer place this girl who basically has no direction in life, she’s in this retail job that she’s really not intuitive and instead on helping on customers, she’s kind of shopping for herself and she’s just kind of like, “I don’t care, I just don’t care about anything.” And that’s the character through the whole movie and towards the end, she still wasn’t redeemable even though she went through all these awful things on the trip with her mom, like yes it did bring the mother-daughter team closer together and it’s bonding but it just didn’t feel natural.

Amy Schumer in this movie her character Emily was kind of fell into the Melissa McCarthy category where she had a lot of physical comedy stuff where she was falling down, her skirt is up and like you see in the trailer she’s like washing down her armpits and stuff like that and it was kind of a shtick that lasted the whole .