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Short Movie Review

Son of Saul is a drama set in a concentration camp where Saul, a Jewish Hungarian prisoner, is part of this work unit, and he’s forced to burn corpses of his own people. And his sole goal in this film is to give this boy he calls his son a proper Jewish burial. At the same time other workers of his unit are trying to plan a rebellion against the SS guards. This is an outstanding film and this is one of the best movies of the year and one of the most amazing and brutal films that have to do with the Holocaust. This is absolutely a harrowing film because it has to do with the Holocaust, and it’s hard to watch, and it doesn’t really shy away from pretty much anything. But at the same time, this is a different kind of Holocaust film on a few different levels.

First of all, this film is NOT what you would expect because it isn’t an epic about WWII or the Holocaust, it is very focused on the story of the main character. And it is very limited time-wise, and it is focused on this specific goal of his. And that makes it very, very personal in a way because it’s a very personal story.

Second, Son of Saul is shot in a very interesting way, and the way that everything is presented is brilliant. It’s shot on 35mm film, which means that you don’t get a wide-screen picture, you get a pretty limited area of view which makes it feel even more personal, and more closed, and more focused. And it’s also a shot with a 40mm lens, which makes the focus kind of area very small, and a lot of the things are blurry, a lot of the background is blurry. And all of the horrifying stuff that’s happening to the lead character is very rarely in focus for the audience which is very interesting.