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This film takes place within the universe of unbreakable. The film is kind of pushed the limits of believability when the doctor was like you know, people who have these types of abilities can change their body chemistry with their thoughts. I didn’t just love this movie because of the twist, the twist kind of filled in specific gaps of issues that I had but I really enjoyed the movie. Now, all these years later, we have an origin story for a super villain in the unbreakable universe and it just makes everything else in the film work. When you go back and watch it a second time, you see James McAvoy doing all these things like crawling on the wall and crawling on the ceiling and taking you know shots to the body, and bending those bars. It’s like that’s his ability, he’s extremely strong, he’s got a crazy messed-up mind, he’s psychologically impaired, he’s a great villain.

To be able to have a twist ending all these years later for Shyamalan’s career, it had that much of an impact on me and a lot of other people. That’s impressive, but still I must reiterate. I like the movie already, I really appreciated all of the performances. I thought it was a very fun psychological thriller. I love the dance scene with James McAvoy just freaking out, that is such an incredible sequence. Everything about the storytelling in this movie’s brave, because Shyamalan is specifically trusting the audience to not get bored and to not ask too many questions and get angry and leave because the answers are coming. He’s not just like hey! Here’s the characters, this is what they are, as the film progresses, you learn about them and it’s brilliant storytelling.