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All About Force Awakens

We all love Han Solo, he’s such a great character. But you really didn’t know that much about him from just the movies. You don’t really know about his parents, you don’t know much about his former life and so having that be in this film gave his character a lot more depth than if he would have just been Han Solo again and it also made it even more tragic when his son kills him. Han Solo does die. Actually, this is something a lot of people were speculating about because Harrison Ford said in Return of the Jedi that he thought Han Solo should have died. They would have given something more to his character, would have been a great sacrifice.

Killing him off at this point is a really wise choice for a number of reasons. For one, it gives the film some very serious dramatic moments that you can feel is like, okay something real is happening here. And number two Ford at 73, at this point, he can’t play Han Solo forever so it was a brave choice on the filmmakers part.

It’s also great to finally have a badass female Jedi in a film. Ray is basically fleeing throughout the entire fight. If you re watch the movie, she’s running away as Kylo pursues her until she’s backed up against that cliff and finally digs deep that has a moment to come back against him. And that was also good because she is untrained, she just is now learning this side of her so it wasn’t like I’m magical, I can do all these things and I’m amazing.

This chapter of the Star Wars series is truly great and some surprising moments that we cant really missed. The Force Awakens is one of the best film of the year.