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Movie Review

Straight Outta Compton is directed by F. Gary Gray and it is about the formation of the group NWA in the late 80s to early 90s. Their impact on the music scene and everything that has happened since as are percussion of their artistry and all the hardships that came along with the lifestyle they were leading as well as all the difficulties they had to try to make themselves actually be considered legitimate artists. The main three members of this movie mostly focuses on is Ice Cube, Dr. Dre and Eazy-E. Now, if you don’t know who these people are, they are extremely influential in their field.

This movie was extremely entertaining in really well paced. You’d see ice cubes sitting on a bus going to and from school, writing notes about lyrics that he wants to have in a song. You felt the desire there and you see Dr. Dre practicing spinning on his table and you just felt this intense passion they had for their art. As the band gets so bogged down in the money aspect of it all, the movie gets more dramatic, it gets more personal but you lose that passion in their eyes, in their voice, you don’t feel that heat they have for the music and so some of the energy in the movie does dwindle but as an overall film, it really is so great.

Ice Cube has played by the real life Ice Cube’s son and he does a great job in the movie. He obviously looks exactly like him. He did a great job, in fact, the entire cast did a really good job. Paul Giamatti was also very good as their band manager and he has some secrets of his own. It definitely glosses over and sometimes entirely skips real life events that you know took place with some of these people.

Straight Outta Compton is a very fun biopic, it has a great soundtrack, good performances and despite the fact that the last half doesn’t really have the same brisk energy as the first half, it’s still a very well made film.