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Review:Suicide Squad full movie HD Online VF

I finally saw the movie today. I give it a 3.5 out of 5. I liked deadshots character but I think a different actor would have been better. I kept on seeing Will Smith instead of Deadshot. Even though I was not convinced from the trailers, I loved Margots portrayal of Harley in the movie. The best performance and biggest surprise for me. I still do not like how the Joker looks.

Gangster is an apt description of this iteration to which I do not agree with. And I am also not liking (sometimes?) how leto plays hims although I have to admit he does a perfect laugh. Viola Davis was perfect for the role. And aside from Diablo, all the other characters were forgettable. My biggest disappointment among them was Captain Boomerang. Maybe because I was expecting more from his character. He seemed pretty useless to me in the film. With regards to the story, it was okay. Nothing really big to complain about but at the same time nothing to write home about. Most memorable scenes were Waller introducing the cast, deadshot taking out enemies by himself, the bar scene, Diablos transformation, Joker and Harley “jumping part”, and most of Harley’s scenes.

Although I really liked the soundtrack, I sometimes (maybe once or twice) found the music distracting and out of place. Can be too dark (color-wise) at certain areas which makes it difficult to make out clearly. Some lines/dialogue made me silently cringe. Better than BvS but slightly (maybe) lower than MoS. I don’t think I’ll be watching this again and might not get it on dvd or bluray. Overall, a (sometimes) fun albeit (somewhat) forgettable movie.

I Predicted that this movie would get hated on by the critics and I was correct. RT is not a reliable source.Its worse than wikipedia. I believe the same critics will murder Wonder Woman and every DCEU movie thats coming out. I loved all the avengers movies but, they weren’t flawless. I loved Civil War but, it was a pointless exercise . No critics mentioned that or anything else from that matter. The critics painted a picture of a flawless, on-point movie, that’s not what I saw. I saw kids on a playground.

“We’re still friends right” .”Depends on how hard you hit me.”

With the Suicide Squad
The pacing was a bit off but not enough to justify its haters. The issue for me came from the Enchantress.She just felt completely out of place and that’s due to the element that she brings. Having Zatana instead of Katana would have remedied this problem. I did like Katana though. The scenes we saw of the Joker wasn’t enough but, I liked Mobster Joker. Leto did it(HIS VERSION) to perfection. Will “Deadshot” Smith carried the movie, with a hand from Margot Robbie. Not much I could say about Harley, she is THE Harley Quinn. Everyone else took a backseat.

Thing is, this is one of DCs better movies in a long time. Hope they can keep it up for Wonder Woman and the Justice League movie.The movies are never gonna be as good as the comic books or the Animated movies and that is where i am gonna leave this at because I loved this movie.

Why did the headquarters of the ‘good guys’ suddenly appear in the centre of the ‘crisis’? Why recruit ‘meta-humans’ when all that was required was a soldier or policeman to punch the walking blueberries in the head? How did the witch’s machine work? What was it going to do? Why were these god-like villains so easy to kill (stabbed and blown up)? When Joker and his girlfriend dived into a vat of industrial acid, why did they appear kissing, and unscathed, bar torn clothing? Why were there so many effects and slowmotion scenes? I don’t want answers to these questions. It was entertaining, but, for me, it was like watching an animated poster.

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