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When it comes to the recent DC animated movies I’ve been saying that they seem like a testing ground for the upcoming live-action DC movies and with Teen Titans the Judas contract. I actually hope that’s true because there’s a lot to take away from this film I’ll give you the highlights upfront and then we’ll go into the details but I think that it shows that they’re on the right track with all these characters particularly Nightwing. I think it shows also that they understand the importance of the Titans brand and why it was so popular to begin with and that also this was what really surprised me it seems like it would make a better TV series perhaps like Riverdale and it would a movie the Nightwing fan in me is like no I want a Nightwing movie and he’s so cool here when his fight with Deathstroke was it really woke me up I felt that there were some lulls in this especially because I had to watch it.
When it debuted at midnight I was like so sleepy not interesting enough but his when he was deducing like what happened to everyone and then we had that fight with Deathstroke I was like this is this is fire right here this was amazing this was everything given my Nightwing movie producing standpoint this could make a really good Riverdale Esque show. As popular as Riverdale if done right and that’s hard to imagine passing up but anyway let’s get into the details and the thing that impressed me the most about Teen Titans the Judas contract is it for once a recent animated movie.

I’m talking like post the animated series I think they’ve really struggled with their animated movies but for once I felt that a DC animated movie understood the tone of the original team original material in this case the New Teen Titans comic by Marv Wolfman and George Perez.

It was able to execute that tone understood it and was able to duplicate it that’s hard to do both the again both the recognizing it and then the ability to do it again so what made this comic book so popular in the first place and why it was so pivotal in the turning in the history of the pivotal turning point in history of DC Comics and for the characters in the pages is that they really captured the feeling of kids going off to college the New Teen Titans with their raging hormones. And their sudden independence from you know from being sidekicks and that was a very much at play in the comic and it’s very much at play in the animated movie I don’t know is amazing and it’s done in a fun still wholesome way unlike the dear penthouse turn the Bruce Thames recent animated work has taken.
We will be talking separately about the newly announced Batman and Harley Quinn movie which is jaw-droppingly shocking I mean it pains me to say to have to say this because I was such a fan of Bruce and still I’m a burst Tim’s animated work back in the day that made him the legend then it gives him the leeway to do such horrible things but I’m actually glad that he wasn’t involved in this I think it shows.
I think the Teen Titans Judas contract is better for it now what’s the comic and here with the movie front and center has always been with the Titan with the Teen Titans dick Grayson’s sexual awakening with Starfire and his independence as Nightwing from Batman and I’m really impressed with how well they’ve depicted that in the movie I mean Starfire is a really interesting character because she’s kind of like a you know a guilt free card to just put to have this like sexy playmate right it’s like no one will think bad you know poorly of you she’s kind of like this like awesome.