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The Babadook Movie Review

Babadook is a story about Amelia played by Essie Davis, she is a single mother and she has a troubled son. When she was on the way to give birth to her son, her husband actually died. When her son is a maybe between seven and ten years old, she still been conflicted and grieving for her husband and she’s been dealing with her son who’s had so many psychological problems, he’s very odd, he’s very unique, he gets in trouble a lot at school.

And like any single mother, she is constantly at odds with trying to deal with these everyday struggles. And then the sort of takes a turn when they find this book called Mr. Babadook. Throughout the movie, he Babadook becomes infused in her life and manifests itself into her depression and a lot of times you don’t know what is reality and what is fantasy in this woman’s mind.

The Babadook have wonderful performances and it is really well directed by director Jennifer Kent. Jennifer Kent takes a lot of time on these characters. Building them, bringing you into the world and so by the time chaos hits in the third act. You’re right there with them, you understand where they’re coming from and everything they do kind of makes sense and Essie Davis and Noah Wiseman play so well off of each other.

When you watch The Babadook, you want to make sure you watch it on a really good sound system because the score is very chilling in this movie like any good horror score and the director plays a lot with your everyday sounds like sawing a piece of wood. It seems like all those little sounds are heightened. And if you don’t listen to that on a good sound system, the movies going to suffer.