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Review of The Boss Baby 2017

The Boss Baby is an animated movie with a touch of comedy that got its inspiration from Marla Frazee’s popular picture book, and parents should know about that. Sibling rivalry is what this title addresses (particularly involving the older child’s feeling of being left out after the birth of a new baby in the family) and has a little touch of threat, though much were downplayed in the movie. Movie goers can expect a lot of running & chasing, escaping from the nick of time, and whole lot of confrontations amidst babies and children/adults. Imagined by 7-year-old Tim is a potentially scary scenes (such as animal attacks, scary hallways and what not) and a sequence wherein two kids are in their quest of finding out the mystery of a dark room. For a film about babies, it is not a suprise that one can see a lot of body/potty humor, not to mention an explosive fake-barf scene, bare baby bottoms, and and frequent use of the words like fart and poop. Well, there are also scenes where one can hear insults and a scene where Tim’s character didn’t like the iced tea and expressed it literally.

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