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Tyger why I had no real plan to review this movie and the more you heard about it the more I wanted to say it so aside I guess now I’m gonna talk about the edge of seventeen ever.
Those of you who’ve been asking them for the past few videos that I’ve done I’ve been sick like really I just too cold that’s made my voice lower and more raspy. I let’s hope we’re going for sexy John’s voice here it’s just sick made up uh on with the review so the age of seventeen is a coming-of-age story starring Hailee Steinfeld the series of events have happened in her life has led to her being kind of a standoffish awkward she’s she’s in high school a lot of people myself included we’re all awkward in high school she’s brash like awkward it’s the perspective of the person in high school who would spend their lunches in the teacher’s classroom eating lunch in an empty classroom.

As a teacher I did that in tenth grade in the height of my awkwardness I was watching the movie was like oh my god I did that at the age of seventeen is it’s a coming-of-age story starring a girl which made me go I’m not gonna relate to this movie.
I just it’s not going to be me shows what I know because the movies actually pretty sweet it’s hard to explain to people wise because it’s coming-of-age story starring a girl in high school who’s awkward and dude don’t worry guys you’re totally gonna relate to this movie. Then she has a friend and there’s tension that grows between those two but don’t worry guys you’re going to relate to the mood I can’t describe the movie that will tell guys out there that they can relate to this movie.
I’m Downton Abbey the whole thing yeah you know you know people who watch Downton Abbey and they try to explain it to you like a fuck no there’s no way that’s clicking for me but apparently everyone loves Downton Abbey that that’s this movie age of 17 is completely relatable to everybody.
if you’ve gone through high school that is but I’d swear it’ll click for you Hailee Steinfeld was great in this movie I mean she was great in true great we knew that that girl is going to be the star as a girl as of Dallas. We didn’t know how much talent then I saw her in pitch perfect – I didn’t I wasn’t really a fan of pitch perfect – I thought she was good in it I was interested to see where she would go this movie right here holy shit this girl has great comedic timing delivery the dialogue is just written in a very realistic way delivered in a perfect way Woody Harrelson’s in this movie.

He’s great he’s a teacher pretty much talks to his students and her especially like I respond to idiot tweets on Twitter you have to just look at it you’re like I’m going to give you solid sarcasm right now because you’re being dumb and I really love that because you know every teacher wants to say that and they can so their only outlet is hoping that a movie illustrates that in a well-written.
Well-executed way for them and now they have that that’s what I mean by everyone can relate to this movie this movie’s coming-of-age story for sure and it really does illustrate and show that the coming-of-age thing was awkward for everybody male-female in high school which really shows us that we’re all just part of the same compost heap really you think you’re special you are not special you were not a beautiful and unique snowflake if you were awkward in high school.

So were a lot of other people showed it in different ways people dealt with it in different ways and I really loved that it really does bridge the gap when I say everybody I mean everybody I mean if you’re an older brother you’ll get this movie if you’re a younger sibling you’ll get this movie if you’re a parent you’ll get this movie for a teacher you’ll get this movie if you’re a douche bag it there’s a spot in here for you but the movie was really sweet it really was in a way that it’s hard to find a coming-of-age story that you might see.