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Casts Performance Review

The Gift is written and directed by Joel Edgerton as well as starring Jason Bateman, Rebecca Hall and Joel Edgerton. This film is about a very creepy guy, a creepy guy who keeps coming by the new house of Jason Bateman and Rebecca Hall, they are a happily married couple. He’s leaving them presents, he’s buying them goldfish, he’s writing them personal notes and he’s showing up in explicably all around town wherever they happen to be. But it’s not just about a creepy stalker, it’s really about how the past can haunt you, how an idea can seep into someone’s mind even if it’s not true and how all of these things can come to ahead in an incredibly surprising dramatic thriller.

This is actually a very astutely directed movie, the shots are fine-tuned with slow moving camera movements that really build suspense and drew viewers. Joel Edgerton really did a masterful job directing this movie, and he is also the one writing the script. This guy is a great talent and he doesn’t oversell his acting as well. This is the kind of performance where you could truly fall on your face, you can make yourself look like an idiot especially since you wrote and directed the thing. It could become one of those performances your mocked for constantly, but gratefully he’s so subdued to the point of brilliance in this film where you not only care about him but you are creeped out by him. It’s not just that he has this unsettling man, there is a world of pain that you can sense behind his eyes and through the subtleties of his performance and the way he cut this film together, you could really feel all of that.

Rebecca Hall is also great in this movie, terrific performance, really good work, also a lot of pain behind those eyes. You could really sense that everyone in this movie is damaged in some way especially Jason Bateman.