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Short Movie Review

The Imitation game takes place in World War II stars Benedict Cumberbatch as mathematician Alan Turing and the Germans, the Nazis, they have this machine called enigma. It’s this code machine, it’s uncrackable, no one knows how to crack, it’s like the fate of the free worlds.

The key to defeating the Nazis is cracking this code but the problem is, this code resets everyday. So anytime someone gets close to possibly cracking it or cracks a couple messages, the code is now new the next day and all that works is gone. So Cumberbatch’s like, well, let me try to crack it and you’ll know if it’s uncrackable. Cumberbatch gets this idea, he’s like what if I can build a machine that adapts to code and it can crack every code that enigma ever does forever. And that’s ultimately the movie. It’s just next-level shit in terms of genius. This Movie ultimately is telling us the untold story that we never knew. Nobody knows who Alan Turing was, but what he was doing in this movie is arguably the most important thing that was happening in World War II to beat the Nazis. We all know about Patton, we all know about Normandy, but no one knows about this guy and everybody should.

The acting in this movie is fantastic, great characters. Benedict Cumberbatch’s awesome, Keira Knightley is great in this movie too. She’s really good. their work was intriguing, it was really great especially seeing mathematicians do the thing.

This is
is the story of a lonely genius who is single-handedly doing a very important piece in the cog that is the wheel of taking on the Nazis ultimately. The biggest frustration in The Imitation Game has nothing to do with the movie, its marketing. This movie ultimately came out in January but it was as limited release, smaller movie in December, so it’s a December movie.