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The Jungle Book full movie online review

Actually tigers are probably one of the most at risk endangered animals on earth (not almost “extinct”) and the majority of the animals in the movie are endangered as well . Hopefully there are some redeeming qualities for the villain, and it sounds like the role of man threatening lives of these animals is fleshed out a bit in the movie, although probably not to the extent that it is in reality. Tigers and leopards are hunted for their bones which are used in a traditional Chinese medicinie; although India is taking the most steps towards conserving Tiger populations.

Must be an american thing; The Jungle Book is not known to me, my childhood was spent watching the Disney channel. Box office comments are curious; comparisons to Maleficent, Cinderella and Oz the Great and the powerful. Maleficent is described as being #frontloaded yet, respectively the first weekend was $69M #M $67M #C $79M #O and final domestic numbers were $241M , $231M and $201M. If anything was frontloade

wasn’t expecting much, something about the trailers was off but honestly, after watching it I thought it was a really good movie, had a ton of fun watching it. Thought almost all of the voices were cast perfectly and they did a great job. The kid playing Mowgli did a bang up job too. Definitely worth checkin out in the cinema, especially if you have kids.

It was a very cute movie with amazing CGI. The animals, especially the wolves, Sheer Khan, and Baloo all looked amazing. I couldn’t stop admiring the CG. Gotta give credit to the kid as well for being able to act and talk to nothing but a green screen. That kid’s got a good future in acting.

Movie was good on its own merits. However shame on Disney and the director for essentially leaving out one of the key characters in Kipling’s book, Kaa. In the book Kaa is feared by all and is mowgli’s friend and mentor, helping him devise a plan to kill Shere Khan. This latest movie was more in line with the silly animated feature of the 1960’s instead of honoring Kipling’s classic masterpiece. Had Disney and the director done that, they might have had a classic movie in their own right. Very disappointed! Everyone do yourselves a favor and pick up a copy of the original book.

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