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The Martian Movie Review

The Martian is directed by Ridley Scott and stars Matt Damon and a humongous cast. This one was based off a book that was very successful about an astronaut left behind on Mars during a mission. They thought he was dead, they flew off and discovered that he’s not. And now, because of the immense time, it would take for someone to come back to Mars to get him. He has to figure out how to survive on a planet that doesn’t grow food with barely any supplies, with nothing but his wit and his smarts and that’s all he has and he has to figure out how to wait just long enough to get rescued.

The Martians is one of the best movies of the year. And what makes it more surprising is that this movie is hilarious and really funny, it has an excellent sense of humor. And to approach this subject this way, a guy stranded somewhere alone, lonely, depressed, sad, nope! This is the most optimistic person you would ever meet on earth let alone stranded on Mars.

Damon plays this guy brilliantly. He’s hilariously funny, every single thing that happens, that goes wrong, he finds the good in it and that’s what keeps him going, that’s what keeps him wanting to survive. He finds the humor in this terrible situation and that aspect of this movie blew us away. This movie is funnier than some comedy, most of comedies that it came out this year. It’s so well-written, very clever writing, it’s also the best work that Damon’s done in years he’s terrific in this movie.

There’s also plenty of actual real suspense and real terror in this film because you can see it sometimes. There are moments where this character reveals that he wants to break. He’s feeling the weight of this situation crushing down on him but it’s his incredible optimistic viewpoint of life that keeps him going and it’s what makes this movie special.