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Movie Review

Nightcrawler stars Jake Gyllenhaal as a man who is looking for a job. And when he comes across this kind of unknown profession, people will get to crime scenes to footage then sell to the news, he gets really good at it. In fact, he gets too good at it, and eventually he gets way too good at it to the point that he himself is committing crime.

This is not a movie about an X-Men superhero, this is a movie about an insane, possible a psychopath who is extremely good at appearing like an awesome human being, until you get to know him. Jake Gyllenhaal gives probably the performance of his entire life in this movie. He is a gaunt-looking man, he lost a lot of weight in this role. He is an actor that is making such good choices of movies like Prisoner and Zodiac, and Nightcrawler just proves himself that he is a genius actor.

The screenplay of this movie is absolutely magnetic. There are so many different dialogue scenes in which you cannot stop focusing on these characters especially Gyllenhaal because he is just so good as this guy who is becoming so obsessed of the idea of capturing a perfect crime on film and making money doing so by selling it to news channels. And as you watched that obsessions taking over him, you’ll start seeing him turn into a psychopath.

He might actually be the main villain of his own movie. And yet you want to root for him somehow because the script is so well written that you actually get that that point where you are rooting for someone who’s doing terrible things. And it’s because you were able to understand his character’s brain, you’re starting to figure out how this guy works and how the clock takes in the place up there and you really start to understand him as a person.