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Welcome to the devil’s advocate to make it our mission to disagree with rotten tomatoes. I want you to go see the shack it’s a melodrama that focuses on many Christian themes but a father trying to get over the death of his daughter all right now has a paltry fifteen percent on rotten tomatoes for shallow cliches let’s take a look at that trailer can see it with my booty Louise is it take your page way when life tests you we can do this.

I can run your own will leave a miracle that’s like a hippie this is a Greenland the shock well looks lame but if I have to play devil’s advocate the shack is both the ultimate Christian fantasy put the film and also fairly non-religious tale of the path to forgiveness that makes smart use of parallelism between the protagonist and his own conflict screw movie learn God’s not dead were people just talk about God let’s use the fictional nature of narrative film to actually do something with potential.

Let’s show God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit excusing any form of blasphemy or the fact that the screenwriters aren’t actually religious scholars there’s something very exciting what’s the idea of just showing it people struggle with faith and this movie is able to show that struggle and very explicit terms literally someone arguing with their own God that’s what I mean when I say that this is a Christian fantasy the same thrill you get when you watch it would be like Groundhog’s Day.

Where someone gets super powers where you can relate to wanting that sort of control over your world is what you get watching this movie it’s that really unique what if scenario what if you got to sit down and have breakfast with God but I’m getting ahead of myself what is the struggle and why do we even care at all especially about this particular character from the very beginning that filmmakers build Mac as the perfect vessel for this kind of dialogue starting with a very unexpected prologue.
I remember when I said that a dog’s purpose was surprisingly darks but holy shit I was blown away by some of the really dark stuff that’s in the shack yeah we know that his daughter dies is in fact murdered just from the trailer but that’s actually a catalyst to unleash some already stewing issues deep in sin Worthington’s past mild spoilers here but it is revealed in the first 10 minutes as an important character trait we learn that our Tigers Mac murdered his father when he was like 10 years old.
Before we launched them to a movie about a guy getting over the death by murder of his daughter we learned that he is in fact a murderer this completely changes the first half-hour the movie before we get to God but it sets it up with a lot of tropes we’d normally see in a dramatic thriller he is a tragic past and tragedy strikes again opening up old wounds he really wants to investigate it and find out and this gives the film a lot of momentum before eventually slows down it gets us invested in the character.
In his struggle as something a little bit more 3plot oriented and a little bit more constructed before it essentially becomes a series of deep conversation in addition it sets up some big somatic ideas that really pay off down the line basically all of his ensuing conversations with God or Jesus or the Holy Spirit are made more fascinating because we know he’s not a perfect character he’s not Mr. I’m good why did bad happen to me could you know he murdered a guy in addition the filmmakers are smart they play up the fact that he’s numbed my grief.