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The Shallows is story of a young girl who’s going surfing and she gets stranded in the shallows on a rock when she’s injured by a great white shark. She’s 200 yards away from shore but the only way that you can get there is if she swims there, but this shark means business.

The Shallows is a very serious film at times. You have this back story with our main character played by Blake Lively was something that happened to our family in the past, a tragedy of sorts, and it goes back to that from time to time. Sort of a 127 Hours style where she’s remembering things, thinking she might die.

The movie is fun though. There are some sequences that genuinely had the viewers white-knuckling the arm rest of their seat and Blake Lively is very good in this movie. This is definitely one of her better performances, she has to spend the majority of the film in a very heightened state of trauma and she pulled it off. The shark is also very well realized, it’s a very good CG shark.

This is a very good what we call rainy day thriller. In fact, this director makes a lot of those. There are thrill rides that are fun kind of disposable. You forget about them quickly but they hold your interest fairly well while you’re watching it. And if it’s raining outside, you have nothing better to do but to pop in The Shallows.