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Transformers: The Last Knight

Ever since I was a kid, I have been a big fan of the Transformers movie. It has been my fantasy that one day, I am going to see real talking robots that would become my best friend. Although it might take more than just one lifetime to witness such innovation from happening, at least I can it in movies. That is already close to reality, in my own opinion. The Transformers franchise is nothing short of amazing and with that I am surely watching Transformers: the Last Knight most probably in the Cinemas near my location. However for those who are not that financially capable of doing so. I will tell some secret that you will surely love.

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10 years of silly childish hatred and nonsense against a top-notch production by Spielberg and Bay.
The movies have been a huge financial success because they deserved that. With all the hatred on the ‘net against the franchise and the director if the movies were ever really bad then the majority of people would have stopped paying to watch them.

The sad thing is that almost always the hatred comes from people going around telling that really awful movies like Deadpool, Avatar, the Planet Of The Apes reboot, The Amazing Spider-Man reboot, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Interstellar and so on would be the best movies ever released…. just pathetic. Those bad movies need a lot of marketing hype and a lot of fake accounts on the ‘net promoting the crap they are selling to brainwash people into paying for such awful products.

Michael Bay’s visuals might be okay, but he’s more or less a no talent hack when it comes to telling an actual story. He pays no attention to continuity and has pretty much taken a giant “dump” on the actual source material.

This article has pretty much even said this next movie won’t even follow it either. “The Last Knight shatters the core myths of the Transformers franchise.” In other words, hey lets just make s**t up as we go. So to his defense in his mind he’s thinking “who cares?”, the movie is still going to make a boat load of cash $$$$$, and he is probably right.

I can’t wait until they turn this franchise over to someone who can actually tell a good story. In the meantime lets get ready for a lame storyline, stuff blowing up, dogs humping, bad casting and a bunch of slow motion cutaways with flags blowing in the wind. The best casting is “Optimus Prime” and think about it, that was done 30 years ago by someone else.

Optimus Prime Fighting Bumblebee

I did notice the purple eye thing, but there was something else that I noticed that makes me believe that that’s not Optimus Prime. There’s a scene where they show Optimus floating through space and also a scene where they show Optimus Prime lifting up his head with blue eyes. In those scenes I noticed that Prime didn’t have red paint on the top left side of his face. Also the other Prime doesn’t appear to look as battle scared as Optimus Prime. It’s just my opinion, but I believe that planet who I believe to be Unicron cloned prime. But hey, I could be wrong.

No problem and all these theories are great but I guess we will find out when the movie comes out. But here’s what I don’t get why did Optimus say “Forgive me.” in the trailer he has to be control or something but he has to have some sense of something in his heart or else he wouldn’t have said that at all. Thats just another thing that came up when watching the trailer,

Actually, in the original transformers movie in the 80’s, Optimus Prime was killed, which remained cannon in the television show, before being brought back as a zombie-like robot who was controlled by the Quintessons. The Quintessons were the original creators of the transformers, and reprogramed Prime to serve as a mindless zombie for their plans. However, Optimus regains his memories and overcomes the Quintessons programing, before sacrificing himself again in the show. (

Don’t worry he comes back later in the show.) I believe Michael Bay is trying to show this part in the series with zombie prime, before he sacrifices himself again in this movie and thus completely ending the series with this movie. That is the reason as to why Optimus Prime is fighting BumbleBee. R.I.P. Optimus Prime/ Transformers Series, you will be missed.

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