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 Win It All Movie Review

This movie is one of those party filler movies. And what I say, party filler, I mean you have a bunch of people over to party, most people are mingling but then you gotta throw something on a TV just so somebody has something to watch. It’s not a terrible movie, like nothing was horrendously bad about it, but it just kind of lived up to nothing.

Actually, there’s really only a few poker scenes in the whole movie like it doesn’t take up that big of a chunk of time. This felt like way more of a like dude overcoming a gambling addiction kind of movie and if they would have stuck with that, I felt like it would have been a little bit better but it just felt kind of disjointed.

One of the things that I will say that I really actually did admire about the movie though, was the acting particularly between Jake Johnson and his love interest in the movie. That whole thing was like totally cool and it was believable and it’s just like it felt real and I really like that. Some people might enjoy it just for the simple character development and like the character relationships on the chemistry in general.

WIN IT ALL Trailer (2017)