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Before we get started fear not this is a spoiler free review no spoilers here I need to get that out of the way since the movie came out what two weeks ago for everyone outside the United States. I finally saw it America x-men apocalypse so x-men apocalypse is the newest x-men movie directed by Bryan Singer in this one the first mutant ever was a guy named enca banner. He was in ancient Egypt he’s been asleep now he has awoken he’s gonna wreak some shit so now he has four mutants with him who are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and the x-men need to come together and stop him I said spoiler free so that’s what you get right now first of all.

Let’s talk about what I liked in the movie Oscar Isaac as apocalypse was a pretty menacing dude goes to show you when a photo first comes out of a comic book villain and you hate it don’t jump the gun quite yet I try to do that myself. I’m not always innocent of it sometimes but I am trying to remember that these are the preliminary photos and they’re not always going to illustrate what’s going to happen in the movie or what it’s gonna look like in the movie because nothing about his look really bothered me. I thought he was pretty cool looking one thing that did bother me about apocalypse that doesn’t do with Oscar Isaac physically speaking. He wasn’t that big and menacing there’s a scene where he’s standing next all of his horsemen and he’s the smallest one of them it’s kind of a problem when you’re supposed to be the big baddie in this huge apocalyptic apocalypse saga of X-men apocalypse. Did I say apocalypse enough because that’s what we’re dealing with here I did backup me like couldn’t you do the effect they did with Xerxes and 300 just make him look like he’s towering over everybody I mean 15 years ago in Fellowship of the Ring.

They did that with Aragorn and hobbits any of the humans in the hobbits that made them bigger than them use camera tricks use green screen it can happen so just baffled me that his size wasn’t more accommodating for how menacing he’s supposed to be in this movie had some sick powers oh he can literally change the molecular composition of anything. So I gotta turn you to dust far out your dust which does pose a problem for the concept of apocalypse and tension in this movie you’ve seen that apocalypse can literally take solid matter and turn it into dust so any time he doesn’t turn any of the x-men into dust when they’re causing him problems.

He’s just being an idiot and it’s kind of a mixed bag for me but anything that had to do with magneto is where the fields are coming from some of the other character is not as much as magneto but you’re looking at Magneto and you’ll owe the fields are happening in quite a few scenes that being said that is along with the build-up of the movie. The build-up does take some time there’s some pacing issues in this movie I first you like alright its apocalypse is past then you got magneto and it’s a big recruiting process mystique is looking for mutants apocalypse is looking for me so many mutants.