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Somebody said that they really have to watch this movie because of Julia Roberts we all know how great the actor she is plus Owen Wilson as we all know he always have the comedy role in most of his movie but this one is different this is not a sort of comedy but a full interesting drama. This is really good and very exciting to see why because it’s one of the best books that everybody could ever have; bestselling book and few of the friends I know love it and turns into a movie. The Little boy name Auggie thinks his ugly of his unusual face and because of so much surgery he undergone and By looking at it he still really act so normal and watching the trailer he was like an outcast and who have some acquired deadly disease, so most of his classmate ignore him. He must be treated as a normal but you know the standard of this world that you have to so normal. The only people have loved his family no doubt about that. The boy feels so lonely but he keeps fighting and believing himself and that is life. But to be honest his not. This is going to be a huge success why because some school their student is required to watch this movie when the release comes in theater, isn’t that excited?


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